Wednesday, November 25, 2015

To my readers: A heartfelt thank you.

Marigolds that have bloomed through November

On this eve of Thanksgiving, 2015, I wish to express my sincere thanks to my readers who have been kind enough to stop by and visit my page. I still consider myself kind of a newbie to the blogosphere, having only been doing this for steadily for about two years, give or take. In that time, I have noted readers from many different countries. This surprises me somewhat, but also gladdens me; that they have somehow found my humble little blog.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts. I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk about things that interest me about art, about creativity and the freedom of expression that fires up the passion for art in all its many forms. I also thank Google that this site is still free. It has given many bloggers a platform and sometimes the boost they needed to take their blogs to fame and fortune (it does happen, I'm told).

This post is also to serve as kind of notice that from now I will only be posting new articles on a monthly basis; as it has been difficult sometimes to come up with new and interesting posts every week, I feel readers may be better served to have a longer article with more substance than little meaningless blurbs just for the sake of a weekly post.

So this year, I hope that you and yours are safe, warm, and happy, and can enjoy the holiday with friends and family. Namaste-Marie

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Art Of The Nude (NSFW)

"Bather Arranging Her Hair, Renoir, 1893"*
People have been painting nudes for countless years, probably since paint was invented, even though the depiction of nudity, in most societies is deemed taboo, artists will continue to paint them. Nudity in art, whether it is rendered in painting, drawing, sculpture or photography; in general, reflects our accepted social and cultural standards within the current time frame.
Statue by Thorwaldesen**

Depending on style or medium, an artist can bring out or exaggerate the features of the human body or attempt to render it as their eyes see it with settings diverse, oppositional, or apropos to the posing of the model within the composition. Nudes are not always painted to be sexual in nature and the viewer should observe the painting as a whole in the context of a work of art; and appreciate the human anatomy in its totality and depth, which may also give the viewer an understanding of how the artist’s mind is depicting the nude or understand how they are seeing the world in relationship to the painting as a whole; as the nudity is not the main concern in the painting.
Three Graces by Thorwaldesen**

Men have of course been painting women nudes for centuries, perhaps as an appreciation of the physical beauty of the female body and as for erotic art. More recently women have been making some inroads into the art of the painting nudes. But, both female and male nudes have been painted and sculpted in many sizes and shapes. With the intricacies of the human body, there is always a new challenge each new model.  Early Greek nudes and sculptures were predominantly of males, perhaps because there was the perception that the nude male was considered "artistically" more beautiful with better symmetry that the female body, which is a matter of conjecture.

"A Seated Male Nude", French 1705-1765*
My own reasons for painting and drawing nudes is because I like the challenge of painting the human form as well as because it still considered a time-honored quintessential art-form. An artist can both pay tribute to the beauty and intricacies of the human form, both male and female; and at the same time create a work that embodies a harmonious synchronicity that is both sensual and imaginative.

"Reclining Nude, M. Cisneros, 2013

I will add more of my work with nudes at a later I will have to resize the files in order for them to upload. The painting "Reclining Nude" is available for purchase. Email me for a price if interested. To view more sites with artistic nudes visit: Novica.

*"Bather Arranging Her Hair", "A Seated Male Nude," from the National Gallery of Art, open access images.
**Other sources: J.G. Heck. (1998) The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration. Plates 448 and 447
"Reclining Nude" Acrylic on canvas by Marie Cisneros, 2013.

Friday, November 13, 2015

"Women to Watch: 2016" Exhibit (Bettye Clark Cannon Gallery) (Review)

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to participate in a new exhibit at the Bettye Clark Cannon Gallery in Muskegon, Michigan and attended the opening reception last night. What great fun! I had the chance to sit and chat with some of the other artists who also have their work showcased at this event as well as enjoy the artwork while sipping punch and munching on snacks with fellow artist and Facebook friend, Bette DelVecchio, whose wonderful works are also on display at this exhibit.  I also had the pleasure of talking with Polly Doctor, Special Projects Coordinator who has done a wonderful job in coordinating this show.

There is a lot of talent here to see, if you are in the area over then next couple of months, stop by and see what the area's women artist are doing. This cozy gallery is in the upper level of the Hilt Building. Each artists work was very tasteful presented and very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with the artwork well spaced under good lighting that lets you fully appreciate each detail of the art.

I have three of my mixed media works displayed here, one of which was also the entry in the Michigan Regional Show. All  three of my pieces are available to purchase. Email me if you would like a price on them. The gallery is located at the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts, 425 W. Western Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan. The exhibit runs from November 12, 2015 through February 29, 2016.Admission is free.

Next post 11/18-19: "The Art of the Nude"