Thursday, May 21, 2015

TWQ is taking the summer off to enjoy the summer. See you in September!

After having difficulties with my modem, trying to keep up with house repairs and yard work, I found it becoming very difficult to do my weekly posts. This also left me with little time to go out and enjoy our Michigan summer (which is pretty short). Thus I came to the decision that having posts that are wishy-washy or hit and miss was not in my best interest or anyone reading my blog. So...long story short, I am taking the whole summer off and will start back in late September hopefully with some new and interesting posts. So to my readers out there, get off those cells phones, go out and enjoy nature, go to art shows, and visit your local crafts-people for those wonderful creations that are abundant at shows this time of year. Namaste-Marie Helena

Thursday, May 7, 2015

From the Gallery: Art and Jewelry Sale

Flowers in Carnival Glass, 16x20, $500
While the intent of this blog has been to celebrate creativity and artistic freedom of expression, I would be doing myself an disservice if I did not also include myself and some of my work, which I wish to make available to others. While I enjoy painting and creating jewelry, for my own use and enjoyment, I also enjoy it when people like appreciate what I do; and that for an artist sometimes means selling their art. I do not find selling the fruit of one's labor a bad thing.  For over two years I ran an online shop on Etsy. Now after having to close it up recently, I have lots and lots of my hand-crafted jewelry, fine collectables and artwork that is taking up my tiny home, thus I felt it was time to really make an added effort to make them available to a wider market.  I often take my jewelry to summer craft shows, but have decided that I need another way to get the word out.
Spring Butterflies, 8x10 print, $30
"Of Bees & Light, mixed media, 10x14 $300

In addition to selling at local markets in the Muskegon County area, I am available for doing in-home private jewelry and art showings as well as kind of  "Bling Fling" home jewelry parties. You can also book a party where kids and teens can make a fun jewelry item or an arts and craft projects. My grandchildren love it when we make crafts. A "Bling Fling" is a great way to learn a new craft while you get together with friends and family. 

Steampunk fairy-dust earrings, $35.00

For sales I can offer free shipping and handling for with a small fee for insurance (usually $5.00 to $10.00) and can ship anywhere in U.S.A. For shipping outside the U.S. shipping and handling charges would be added and based on weight and value of item (insurance).

Polka-Dot Fantasy Glass pendant, $35.00
Gothic-Victorian, Made to Order, $65.00

For payment, right now I am able to accept only check or money order and will soon be able to accept Paypal.  Unfortunately I am not able to accept credit card payments at this time.

If you are interesting in purchasing any of my hand-crafted jewelry, accessories, decor or art, would like me to send you a brochure, or would like to have a home party or home showing, please contact me at or on Facebook

More about what is pictured:

Flowers in Carnival Glass is 16 x 20 unframed acrylic on canvas, painted 2014. To have this matted and framed, add $150.00 (additional shipping charges would apply.)

Spring Butterflies is a permanent marker on heavy, acid-free paper, 8 x 10. For matting and framing, add $25.00.

"Of Bees and Light" is a mixed media and acrylic approximately 11 x 14 mat board, for matting and framing, add $$50.00.

Thank you! Namaste-Mariehelena.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Birds of a feather: Why did Gould, Havell and Audubon love birds so much?

Mountain Mockingbirds & Thrushes

Well for one thing, these wondrous feathered creatures have inspired humankind for thousands of years. Also birds keep us connected to nature, densely populated city. Even though, many of us live in towns, large and small; you only have to look out your window to see some bird species living right along beside us. I even captured a photo of a large tom turkey finding little juicy tidbits in my yard last week. We are constantly reminded we live as part of the natural world and its creatures. We love their song, from the call of a bluejay, the soft hooting of an owl at night, or the call of ducks, wild geese or even swans overhead, they enthrall and delight us. So it is no wonder, to me, anyway, why these bird lovers spent so much of their lives studying, drawing and chronicling species of birds.

John Gould was an English ornithologist who lived 1804 to 1881 as well as an accomplished and critically acclaimed bird artist. Along with his wife, Elizabeth, and other artists, such as Edward Lear and William Hart,  he published a number of monographs on birds with illustrated plates. In Australia, he is been considered the “Father of bird study” and the Gould League is named after him.